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How much does it cost to hire The Tanner Law Firm for my personal injury case?
No upfront money. We don`t get paid until the case is resolved. This is done on contingent fee basis. Usually one third of the total gross amount of the verdict or settlement is what we charge.
Who pays for the case expenses of a personal injury case?
The client ultimately pays the expenses; we pay them up front the client must reimburse us out of the settlement. These include expenses for getting medical records, a filing fee if lawsuit is filed, deposition costs, etc.
How do I pay my medical bills prior to getting a personal injury settlement or verdict?
Payment of medical bills is complicated. Client should use medical insurance is they have it. Some doctors like chiropractors will treat a client on a lien basis and get paid from the client`s settlement.
What is the value of my personal injury case?
Value depends on many factors, like nature and extent of injury, amount of medical bills and lost wages, and even venue which means place where accident happened. Example, City of St. Louis is much better than St. Louis County.
I don’t live in Missouri or Illinois. Can you take my personal injury case?
I can usually only handle a claim in the state of Missouri, but I can always refer you to attorney in another state.
How long will it take before my case goes to trial?
Depending on a number of factors involved, it can take between one and two years to go to trial.
What steps do I take after an auto accident?
After you are hurt, if you have been in an auto crash, always call police to get facts written into a report and NEVER talk with other insurance company or give them a STATEMENT. Call ME early on for advice.
What if my auto accident occurred in a different state?
If in another state, call me and I may be able to refer you to a lawyer.
What if my case is not a personal injury case?
I can talk with anyone about any legal matter. I also of course do work comp and criminal defense. I can always try to put you in touch with a lawyer who can help you.
If I’ve been in a car accident, who should I talk to?
If you are hurt in a car accident, call me for a FREE consultation!

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